NCRS Quebec
NCRS Québec Regional ~ St. Sauveur 2002

A special Thank-you
to all our sponsors!!

Decarie Motors

Ron's Auto Restoration

Corvette Central


Salois Auto
St. Sauveur, Quebec

With a special thanks to
all those who donated
Door Prizes!

Our professional
judging school leaders

Al Grenning
Nick Culkowski
Dave Brigham

Our special
display car owners

Decarie Chevrolet
2002 Roadster

Sal Carlino
1966 Bowtie

Joe Lamberti
1967 Duntov
1967 Bowtie

Gary Panebianco 1979

Joe Daigle
1970 Bowtie

Scott Sinclair
1956 Duntov

Lou Badaracco

Robert Pelland
1965 restored chassis

Longest Driven Award

Paul Borowski

Longest Trailered Award

Bruce Smith

Ladies Choice Award

Steve Ciaccio

Our very entertaining guest speaker

Lisa Christensen
Host of CJAD’s
Saturday Car Show

Special thanks to
Pierre Urguart Chambre
de Commerce
St. Sauveur, Quebec

Congratulations to all
NCRS Quebec member participants:

Performance Verification

Joe Daigle
1970 Coupe

Top Flight

Leon Garfinkle
1970 Roadster

Second Flight

Claude Hébert
1965 Roadster

Third Flight

Claude Azram
1963 Roadster

Master Judge

Angelo Finateri

Montreal Plus

Bonjour Québec