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A Short History


The NCRS story begins in August 1970 at a Holiday Inn in Angola, Indiana. John Hutchins of Alma, Michigan, with six other Corvette enthusiasts formed the Classic Corvette Club 53-55 (CCC). Each came up with five dollars for dues to get the club started and John Hutchins subsequently appointed five of these six, in addition to himself, as Directors to “help him run the club”. Their names were Gary Mortimer, Jay Kellogg, Tom Essig, Joe Chess and Dick Campbell.

Two years later, membership in this club had risen to 150. Corvettes from 1953 through 1955 were being judged

By the summer of 1973 membership stood at about 400.

In March, 1974 a “reorganization” meeting at the Holiday Inn in Angola was called by some dissident Directors. Efforts to change the direction of the club failed, so a new club, The National Corvette Restorers Society was formed with its first meet in Wapakoneta, Ohio, May 29 - June 2, 1974. Participation in judging was open to 1953 through 1962 Corvettes.


Today judging meets are held throughout the U.S. and Canada. The annual Corvette road tour starts in many cities and leads to the NCRS National Convention.

The Quebec Chapter of NCRS was established in 1997, when a group of Corvette fans met in a restaurant on St. Laurent Blvd. in Montréal.


We follow the guidelines of the National organization. As such our goal is to "aid the Members' effort to preserve and restore the vehicles in their original, as manufactured condition, and to encourage the preservation and study of printed, technical and historical material."


The events we hold throughout the year will enable you to learn more about your Corvette and help you restore it.


NCRS Québec 20th Anniversary


Our friend Marcel Gauthier - Director



Thank you to our sponsors who enable us to maintain this site and offer exciting events to all Corvette fans.

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